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Episode-13 Paranormal Activity
July 19, 2018 Darian Jackson
The Darian Jackson Show

Episode-13 Paranormal Activity

Darian Jackson

On this podcast Erik and I go thru the many strange instances that made us scratch our heads at how freaky ,spooky or alien a situation was in our past .
On this podcast Erik and I go thru the many strange instances that made us scratch our heads at how freaky ,spooky or alien a situation was in our past .

Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:01Today's podcast is brought to you by Get a free audio book download and Thirty Day free forward slash d Jackson show. The link will also be in the description has over 150 titles to choose from. You go into them from anywhere and from any device. It's as simple as choosing the book you want and boom, instantly you'll be engaged by the best voices in the industry for that free trial. My link once again is Forward Slash D as in Delta Jackson show. Oh, right. I have a special guest over here. I have a uh, I don't have a jake over here. No, I haven't. Jared and I have eric over here. He's got a camera setup over here now. So I've got two cameras pointed at both of both of us that got a little switchboard over here. So we're gonna.

Speaker 1:0:53Try this out a little bit over here. Um, I talked with them about their Mike Etiquette a little bit over here, so then we can sound a little bit better. Hopefully get some better, uh, audio. We don't normally sit this close together and our mouth Cisco's together. So like we're not gay and now we're just doing this for Darien's pleasure. He's probably like, I go, Oh yeah, you watch this. Y'All keep going. My God. Like he'll keep calling my couch over here at casting couch and like, look at it and y'all y'all to it. What do you think this is a casting house if you've ever watched porn, this is a guessing game. And like, I had a house. I was like, no, I was thinking of Y'all always just messing with me. And then you said it. Jake said it, said it. Joshua Swanson's that I'm like, okay, I can't do this.

Speaker 1:1:45Then a girl sitting in here feel like I took, I took a picture. Uh, I was, I was taking a picture of my setup over here for the podcast and then I took a picture of. My wife was sitting on the couch. I was just like, you know, shot and then okay, yeah. Then I'll send it over to the tech and I was already over there trying to get rid of the picture because I was like, I forgot, I just, it didn't occur to me like my mind doesn't go there, you know? And so I'm like, Oh yeah, this looks just like a casting couch. And then now there's a pretty girl on the, on the couch over there too. So thank you all for at least being over there where you're like, Hey, well, you know, and then you only just keep it up.

Speaker 1:2:24It's funny. I'm like, no, I want. My wife will look like she's on a casting couch over here. You know your couch. I know it's a food time. Okay. Okay. No, that's creating on the futon. That's the most ghetto like that. It's a casting futon over here. Oh my God. Yeah. So, uh, we had a little makeup session over here where we weren't able to, uh, make it out over here on Friday. I tried to get a couple of guests over here and the kind of slipped away from me over here. So we're gonna make it up. And then hopefully I'll be able to have someone over here on Friday again over here as well. So we had a little bit of fun time though. Uh, last night I uh, I kidnapped Eric a little bit over here, so we had a for, for a little bit of time.

Speaker 1:3:10Uh, he had no, he was like, we were trying to get. I was trying to get with you and then you're like, oh yeah, yeah, no, I'll do this, I'm going to eat and stuff like that. And then I was just like, okay, really good movie. And I got pulled into it. You were sucked into a two by moving. By the time we'll go watch the name of the movie escape plan. Escape plans. That's their stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger in it. Yeah. Excellent movie. You got to say his name better than you. Got To say his last name better than Arnold Arnold. Schwartzenegger swardson. Yes. Such a nickname as just like in the accident. Doesn't go very well with it. Like, uh, when we, when we talk about is just like, you know, the California accident, it's just fine. You just call Marnie.

Speaker 1:4:00I can't believe that he's actually in Hollywood over there. And he was actual a governor too. I one point, I don't know if he's still is now, but uh, that was craziness right there. He has a book autobiography and it's a thing is called a total recall. Yes. Great Book. Great. Last story on how he started and how he was really a self made movies are. Yes, all him. That's awesome. Uh, he was, he was in that time age where it was really strange. It seemed like everyone was really big bulking up or the whole bodybuilding type thing at the beginning of his, the very beginning of it. So like, it got big really after that too. Like I think he just made it more mainstream. It's kind of like briefly and kind of doing his whole, you know, come through like I don't think a lot of these little kids would be doing Kung Fu and try and kick their brothers and stuff if it wasn't for what Bruce Lee and head over there.

Speaker 1:5:02Then like Jackie Chan, Jackie Chan rode that wave over there. Jackie Chan was just a good stump man. He's a good. I mean he's good martial artist and all that kind of stuff, but he's not a unethical and like he's not like legitimately the same time, you know? Hey, I like Jackie Chan's. Yay. I love Jackie Chan. He just, he's a really good stuntmen and so and so. I've watched like the bloopers from a lot of his movies. He ends up like going to the hospital, the timer to. Oh yeah. I wonder how many bones he's broken, like element set over there. Like I've seen them fall one time. Like there's this one. I think it was a Tuxedo if you ever watched that one. That's a good. That's a good. Jackie Chan won, but he like jumps and Mrs. He was trying parkour before Parkour is actually a park or you know, it was cool, eh?

Speaker 1:5:48Yeah, he was, he was trying to jump the name. We jumped a. you've missed where he was supposedly just fell down the alleged men and then like right in the Shin or something like that. So yeah. So yeah, we kidnapped you over there. I was, I was like, I grabbed the, your favorite sonic drink and I was like, we're going. So we were going to go see some stars over there in mineral wells. A mineral wealth. We drove a little past mineral wells. Yeah. I took my brother out there and one time to see stars. The whole night sky was all full stars, but I think this time I'm, the moon was out so, so much. So they kind of. Yeah, clouds too. There was a little bit of clouds or something. I don't really know. I think it was smog maybe to like something was being really weird with the moon.

Speaker 2:6:36I don't know if you've heard that. There's particles from the Sahara desert over here right now. It's here so you can see them like during sunset and it's just making it really red is those to heron desert protocols.

Speaker 1:6:46That's crazy that they can actually travel as far.

Speaker 2:6:49Absolutely amazing. That's probably. That might have been what was causing it. I Dunno, I dunno how

Speaker 1:6:54there was a layer. There's definitely a glare, but it wasn't like cloudy, like you know, like this this afternoon. It was pretty cloudy though. Yeah, it was nice. I felt like a cool friend come through. Yeah, no, right over here in Texas. We were over here just like Diane and it was still like 99, 99 degrees. It makes every. Everyone all pissed off to you man. Like everyone gets in a bad mood over here too. It just like, you just don't want to fuck with people over here at this time. It's horrible. It is terrible. But I was going off the other day yesterday when we were driving out there about some aliens and ghosts and stuff like that. I started kind of, I think freaking my wife out to and then you as well. A little bit. So weird shit. Yeah, it actually made sense though a little bit

Speaker 2:7:42coming from what the song was.

Speaker 1:7:45Yeah. So I was talking, I was like, you know, it sounds kind of weird how all of our music and in the pop industry kind of sounds more like Egyptian and even kind of like alien, like you know, like what we assume as alien. Uh, so we, we started going through like different songs over there, like a one hit wonder. Yeah, like these really nation, midnight city by him. A three.

Speaker 2:8:11Um, what were some of the other ones?

Speaker 1:8:14I can't remember, but they were just, there was a very strange and it was. And then you started kind of piecing it together a little bit too. It's like, okay, well what are they talking about really here, you know, it was weird. And then watching the videos to the videos are all.

Speaker 2:8:29It's like

Speaker 1:8:31they both have to do with the light. Yeah, like an alien abduction started talking to you like a over the Stevenville Stevenville over here if you ever go through there. Um, is notorious for having the most alien sightings over here. So we have even built Texas, they have like a monument over here with all the people that said that they've seen like sightings of Ufo shows and all that kind of stuff. And I don't know exactly how much of that I believe, but like, you know, there's legitimate people like, you know, a police officer and a couple of extra cops that say they've seen stuff, some, you know, I don't know. I think about that, you know, there's demonic, maybe, maybe they're still seeing some kind of weird demon stuff or I don't know. But it does have a very weird eeriness when we were out there, we stopped by like a, a gas station for a minute. There's this weird. I don't know why it was in the middle of nowhere. The only gas station that was open. Yeah. And

Speaker 1:9:35I don't know, weird people do. Yeah, it was just strange. I don't know why it's always those people like that, those places out in the country that have that really strange people to like, you know, or you just kind of like, that's weird. But you know, just kind of keep to themselves too. So I don't know. But then I had, I spoke with a local that's over in Stevenville and he was talking, although the crazy people that he's talked with over there that they swear to God they've seen nailing and they've already gotten that are over there. Let me just, just a bunch of drunk redneck. I think so I don't, I don't get it though, you know, I think we, we like to make up stuff in our mind, you know, we kind of liked the piece, the unknown with our mind up over there.

Speaker 1:10:18So like we'll see a light in the sky and be like aliens, you know, or something, you know, I always wonder what it was called back in the day though, like you know like before we could have like not even phones or cameras and stuff like that. But like before we had aircraft and stuff like that. Like you know, they, they always show like the Egyptian ruins and stuff like that where they still have ufo looking things and stuff like that. Have you ever seen that? I don't know if I've ever not like, like the hieroglyphics, like the weird drawings and stuff over there. I've never seen any that are like alien depicted. Let me see if I can pull up some over some aliens. Egyptian hieroglyphics,

Speaker 3:11:09hieroglyphic.

Speaker 1:11:11I don't think Google spell it.

Speaker 1:11:24I'm weird with like that. Like where is this really strange? Weird where it looks like they have like both spaces. Let me switch my view over here for people like it look like they have a little spaceships and stuff like that. It's like that doesn't really make much sense and the sense of things, you know, have like a very weird stuff over there and I would, I wouldn't be really interested in actually going and seeing some regrowth. Hieroglyphics myself. Pretty cool. Like I would have to be looking at it like what are they trying to get at right here? You know, I don't know. I always wonder like, what if someone like, what if we get wiped out seeing something that looked like that. What would you, what would you draw a picture of something like that, that, that either doesn't exist or you don't know about it?

Speaker 1:12:14You know what I mean? Like, like a spaceship if you will, something that flies. They didn't have anything that flew back then and that's the real funny thing. She was just like, yeah, they didn't have any of that kind of stuff. But then like when we think of depictions of like the future and stuff like that, we always think of like flying cars where they have the, I don't know where the picture of the flying carpet came from. Um, but you know, there's always these weird things that we kind of make up and then it's like we play around with it in our heads over here too and like go sliding stew. Like that's the, that's the funniest thing too. And it's like of all the things or like bigfoot and like it's like we're always looking for something like really weird to, to latch onto.

Speaker 1:12:53I don't really understand it and if people want something to believe in, they really do because they don't know what to believe in. I think that was just looking for something, maybe everyone's looking to, I don't know, like a pickup on something and find a truth in it or something like, like some unknown this over there like we have like vampires and all these are just like mythical things that we've Kinda all conjured up that are like those halfway beliefs. Things like, you know, when you're, when you're constantly vi, do you believe in vampires? Trust me, you'll see it. God Damn it, you know, it'd be all freaking out and it's like, it's not that big of a deal. Is this like your rational minds? Like, oh, there's no such thing as vampires, but it's, it's funny. It's funny. I think that uh, we, we kind of conjure up our own monsters in our heads.

Speaker 1:13:39You know, it is weird. And the biggest thing too is like with like anytime alien type thing or anything, anything like that is a, we would have no idea exactly anything it wouldn't have. It wouldn't have to look anything. Like what we are used to like having arms and hands and having a body of said last night, maybe there's aliens out there that think that we look like aliens. Yeah. So like we're the like were like how weird is it that they're the normal. So it's funny. I don't know if what's real or whatnot out there, it's just, it's a funny thing that uh, people people have over there. But have y'all have any, any weird encounters with, uh, what you would believe as like more of a supernatural type situation? Yes. Jake. Um, I mean you've been out in the boonies has been, you've been out there for drill and you've been out there doing alerts stuff too. Oh know I can't really of anything

Speaker 2:14:54in particular that seemed kind of supernatural.

Speaker 1:14:56Yeah. Like, well maybe like a weird light that you're like where did that come from or.

Speaker 2:15:01Yeah, I mean he's always shooting stars out there that you see, there was one that was really cool. It was last year when we're in Brownwood and um, you know, you'd see shooting stars in the sky and it was cool, but it was, it was really far away. You could know shooting well we're pulling guard at night and um, there was one that flew over and it was not just a shooting star, the edit, it was a meteorite that had actually entered earth atmosphere and it was a ball of flame that flew over and it was, it was the craziest thing I'd ever seen. It was literally a ball of flame and it was bright,

Speaker 1:15:33like a comment or something. Yeah. Well it either, either a comment or a shooting star or something, but it was immediate, but it had enter Earth's atmosphere. So burning, that's all they had to tail and everything too.

Speaker 2:15:45How many years ago? This was last year. Oh yeah.

Speaker 1:15:49I remember you. You had all the, you got the snapchat one time when you're with the night vision and he took off the night vision and how pitch black it was out there like Jesus, like it's very dark idea. The all stars and everything. Everything.

Speaker 2:16:06Yeah. It is incredible. You could see all the stars out there,

Speaker 1:16:11how, how far away you have to get away from the city and be able to even witness that light pollution follows like really far it seems like. Yeah. But then when you get out as much light pollution to pollute the sky, that's the weirdest part about it too. Because like you would think that like, I don't know, you don't think that it's going to be polluting it as much. Like we have like all these giant car dealerships and stuff with like all these crazy lights is like, this is just like adm life as well as ridiculous. If they turned off the car dealership lights, I think we could still see the stars because like right now if you walk out in the DFW area over here in Dallas, fort worth, you'll look up outside. You can't see anything. Maybe see one star. Maybe I could maybe. Oh wait, that's a plane.

Speaker 2:16:56There was one time. It was kind of weird story. It's not a Ufo, but anyways, there was one time where you might've been new with me. I don't remember. Maybe we were at, um, of billers know it was a movie theater when we always go to central. Yes, we were at Tinseltown. Can't remember if it was you with me or not. When we came out of the movies were, you know, where were usually parked off to the right when we used to. We always parked off to the right, so we left over there and we're going out to our cars and DFW airport was over that way and there was something hovering in the sky with lights on it and some of them were flashing. Some of them were like,

Speaker 1:17:39I think I remember that because we're trying to get a video because it was weird and then other people started to common watch with it too. And we're like, what is this thing? And it would just, it just hovered, didn't

Speaker 2:17:50move. And every once in a while we'll move up or down a little bit. Hey, Kira was freaking me out a little bit and then later on we learned it was a, it was something over the airport. It wasn't a Ufo obviously, but it was, I don't want to look at it now like a helicopter or something. It wasn't a helicopter because it had no note. There was no noise and it was huge. It was really big.

Speaker 1:18:14I think I remember because it had like multiple tiered lighting system to like, uh, it was, it wasn't just like one beaming light that kind of let you know that they're there. It's like a, it was a good platforming light, you know, because it was weird. I remember that was. That was when you're driving that old car, if you're a stew that you had to still, like you had that car

Speaker 2:18:33way back then. I have the truck.

Speaker 1:18:37I think you had the car. I think we were, it was that one. We saw men in black.

Speaker 2:18:44I thought we saw men in black and that dollar movie theater. No.

Speaker 1:18:50Yeah, I remember seeing. I don't remember having at least one weird encounter with you. Uh, that was fun though. It was like, you're just trying. And then the, the crappiest part was we didn't have the best phones at the time. We paid for our own phones and whatnot, or they're trying to take a photo of the guy, like super blurry. Like now I've got a Samsung, you know, it would take an excellent picture. Now I'll take a perfect picture. Yeah.

Speaker 2:19:12Yeah. I'll see if I can try to look it up and find out what it was. I don't want to be able to have or not, but I don't remember what year it was.

Speaker 1:19:23But uh, I've, uh, I've had a few encounters with some, uh, some strange things that, uh, just don't make any sense at all. Uh, I've been through mineral wells in Stevenville and like, uh, you know, Weatherford and those are the strangest places I think. Like I've been all over. I've been Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, you know, and all those different places. Don't give me that. Hearing this as Weatherford Stephenville area. Yeah. But over the mineral wells, uh, kinda creepy. Yeah. It just, it gives a weird vibe. I don't know why, it's just a weird vibe of, you know, with uh, we went through, uh, what, what was that telling went through last night? That was really weird. Like it was like the town looked like it was like, uh, like the, like the, the, the town itself looked like it was just

Speaker 1:20:14all the billboards and stuff. We're like put up against the walls and stuff. It was a millsap we went through millsap. Yeah, that was last night. We went through millsap and a well way through their, their town just looked really strange. Like it looked like someone was that like, you know, like, uh, you think of the old time sheriff and like the old general store, like they had that stuff looking like it, you know, and it was just kind of up there, but it didn't look real. It didn't look like it was ever used. It just looked like it was up and it was really strange. Yeah. But over and over and mineral wells, I did a phone install one time and uh, without phone installed I had a, they had this building, there was an old old building. It was built in like 19 forties, 19 thirties I think it was.

Speaker 1:21:07And uh, in that building it was a, it was a hospital. It was like the only hospital within miles and miles and miles over there, but as a children's hospital and so they had all these little rooms inside there will, the hospital has been long closed, but they use all those little individual rooms, uh, for now like realty places because the rooms are quite sizable, you know, so they had like little firms and stuff over there. Um, but they haven't go upstairs to run a cable for them and uh, when, when they have to go upstairs, uh, I was looking and they handle these different books that were over there and all these books were dated with like 19, 10, 19, 20, 1930 and like they're giant accountant books. And so I opened up the accounting books over there and uh, I was looking through and they just had all the different things.

Speaker 1:21:59Like I was surprised, like I know I was thinking a little accountant woman trying to pick up these books. I'm like, I couldn't even pick the books up, you know, I kind of sketched it just a little bit, but you'd have to get like, like a pool your system or something to get these books up. I have it on my instagram though where you can check it out over there. But I looked at uh, and uh, looked all through the books. I closed the book and as soon as I got done closing with a book, I felt something really strange on my, on my peripheral, like on my right side. Like someone was looking right at me, like, you know, face to face right over here, like what the hell and it's, I didn't want to look at it and it startled me, you know?

Speaker 1:22:38And then I looked and it seemed like it just like disappeared. Like I was like, what in the world where the. And that went over to my left side and it was like, like someone likes sticking their face like right up to my face, you know, like almost like whereas like the breathing one, getting those fields, nobody here. And I was like, what? No world. So I didn't get, I got scared for a second, but I wasn't like, scared, scared because like I don't really believe in the supernatural or stuff, like, you know, I'm not superstitious in that kind of sense. But I went and uh, I went downstairs and I went to the receptionist lady and I was like, Hey, uh, you don't have ghost over here by any chance, you know? And she's like, oh, is he bothering you? I was like, Oh my God, Oh yeah.

Speaker 1:23:22And then I had to go back upstairs and it was still doing it and it was like, it gave me the angry kind of vibe. Like I don't know how you get a feeling like you could feel like it's weird, you can Kinda, I don't know if it was bullshit what I was feeling, but I felt like an like an angry vibe towards me. Like it didn't like that I was up in his attic and it was no CGI ghosts. It is like that moved. It's a, it's a counting book just a little bit and you could see where the dust, uh, kinda like, there's so much dust. Yeah, where the book was laying and I kind of moved it off to the side just a little bit to see if I could pick up the book to check its weight and it is like that and moved it.

Speaker 1:24:04So I moved it back over in the same spot and it just Kinda like stop messing with me. I was like, that's weird. So I don't really know, like I don't know exactly if that was truly true, you know that um, but like I don't really know. And then I had another instance when I was in Stevenville I went to a old place and uh, when I went out there, um, I had, I was punching down on a cable and that I felt like a child, like thing kinda like, like something that like the back of my head, like, you know, and it was like no laughter but just kinda like a joyful, like scoot, you know? And I was like, what in the world is that? And then I was thinking, I was like, what in the world? And then all of a sudden I see a giant rat was over there.

Speaker 1:24:52And the was just watching me the whole entire time. So like, I don't know if like everything I'm thinking like you can tell souls like in the area too, I think you know, where like you can like it's weird how you can walk up to somebody behind and then you can get a weird like, you know, someone's watching, you know how we do that. Like what does that like sense that we have that you can feel somebody around you or you can feel somebody's. Yeah, it's weird. And you're going to feel like someone's watching you or something. Yeah. Like, like if I, if I put my hand like right behind your neck over here and you don't know him behind you at all. You deal? Yeah. The field of presence. Feel the energy that's around you. So there's something to that I think. I think there's something to that.

Speaker 1:25:37I don't really know exactly what that is in this world, but it's kind of funny. It's kind of funny to think that we have that but it's interesting. But you can feel that with animals sometimes too. Like, you know, when you see like just like you can feel like danger of certain types of animals and stuff like that. You know, it's interesting. It's something that we have that I think that God's given to us in such a way that helps us to not be oblivious to tax. I think, you know, so yeah. But those are the two ghost encounters I've had with iphone and I don't know, I don't really believe it goes still. I don't know what I think about ghosts. I don't know why. Like, you know, I don't think that they are evil. I don't think they can do anything, you know, they could just give you the bad feelings, you know, I go, you know, weird eerie feelings and stuff like that. For sure. Yeah. I don't know.

Speaker 1:26:35It's an odd topic. And then I think people get off on the topic though. I think people get off on that weird vibe. They like that weird vibes they like to be spooked and then like kinda brings upon itself where like if you are thinking about ghosts and haunted ghost all the time, more than likely only going to pick up one and it's going to mess with you every once in a while. I don't really understand how that happens, but it does, you know, I know I'll leave them alone. Yeah, I know. Right. We got to go on the mineral wells that has a little ghost drone that they have over there where you get to go into that. A mineral wells hotel that they have that abandoned though. They do like I may do a where you can go walking through all the floors and everything.

Speaker 1:27:23If I wanted to be scared, I'll just look in the mirror. Yeah, I, it's, it's funny. It's funny. It'd be because I liked the, I liked the question things. So like I like to be able to question like why do I feel this way? Like why do I think this way? You know, why am I so scared of the unknown and uncertainty, you know, instances like, you know, I grew up, I was scared of the dark, scared of monsters, all scared of stuff and then it was just nonsense type stuff. You know, that you're scared of usually and then you kind of conjure up your own, uh, like your own world it seems like, you know. Yeah. Then my dad's crazy. He'll go out, he goes out and looks at, he goes as Watson's cemeteries and stuff just because he gets off on the spookiness, but I don't think it's, he gets off on the spookiness.

Speaker 1:28:12He just gets off of the quietness of it. Like certain people I think get off on like, no one else is there. And then these ghosts like to kind of mess around with these places, but he doesn't care, you know, so he just, you know, whatever. I think it's interesting that, that children's minds go to the same place too and they think, oh my gosh, there's a monster under my bed or in my closet or something. Where does that come from? They just thought they'd, nobody told them that there's a monster in there, but they're like some something in their mind told them there's something under my bad. Yeah. And there's something in my closet or like being afraid of it. It's the fear of the unknown man. And that's the thing. It's like, yeah, it's not like we tell our kids, hey, the bogeyman is going to get you, you know, Kinda like something scary under the bed.

Speaker 1:29:02Oh, is that the Boogeyman, you know, and you never, you never let your foot out of the bed get under the covers. Oh yeah. No, I wrapped up on like, you know, that's, that's my, my, my forte over there. Oh, oh. Oh. Oh, I do remember another time. I remember another time where I believe on hallucinated a because I just woke up and uh, I remember waking up one time and this was the spookiest thing that I've had happened, but like at the same time, like I take it for what it is, I could have been just sleepy, whatnot. I'm not, I'm not making this stuff up either. It actually happened. I was about probably seven or eight. Yeah. And I remember waking up and I remember being really tired and then I remember looking out of my bag because I felt something weird and then in the middle of our floor, like I had two brothers and my room with me to at all times.

Speaker 1:29:59I remember in the middle of the bed or in the middle of the bedroom, there was a girl in a full white, uh, like rope type thing. Mind you, I've never watched any of the conjuring and I never. My parents were, were against all that kind of stuff. So they never like subjective us to horror films or anything like that. So like I had no basis on, on which I was, I was bringing this to mind doing, this is my mind doing it. I remember just thinking like it was a full white road girl that was standing right there and it scared me to death. I remember just seeing it and then like blinking and then just shoving my covers on her over my head really hard. And then I remember just like I couldn't go sleep and like my heart was racing like crazy. I feel like I was going to puke and stuff like that.

Speaker 1:30:49I remember this and then it was just a weird eerie feeling and then it just went away and like I never saw it ever again. It was like, it wasn't like anything I don't even, I think it was just a loose delineation of my waking state made something kind of. But it's weird. Weird. It's weird that you can kind of conjure up things in your mind, you know, whereas like you don't know what's really there, you know, it's just funny. It's a funny kind of state that Ben and then to go and, you know, hunting for it all the time, you know, I don't really know why people would do that leads me. I wouldn't know if you don't like the yellow light can be scared at all though at all.

Speaker 2:31:33I mean, I know I can do it at it.

Speaker 1:31:39Yeah, exactly. I mean we're always supposed to think on a, on better things, you know? There's always something else that you can think of because I think, like I said, it wraps in people's minds. You know, where you can get all really weird. Yeah. I'm gonna. Have you ever been into an eerie place? Like a, like a building of any sort or like a place where just like, this is kind of weird. I've been all around the texts with so I've seen. So I've got a couple of other spaces to know about. I'm about to tell you about a really strange world here.

Speaker 2:32:11Second year,

Speaker 1:32:14like you have all the military base places that you.

Speaker 2:32:18Yeah. Well Fort Walters. I'm supposedly so we, I haven't been in them but I've seen them at night and it's kind of creepy, but we stay in. This is a newer barracks at Fort Walters and if you go out towards the back door of one, there's a fence and there's the old barracks from like probably a world two at least. And um, all the windows are busted out and the doors are open or whatever and there's still metal racks and bunks in the inside or whatever. And you know, all the guys in my platoon or unit or whatever that I've talked to, they're like, oh yeah, the place is haunted. And they've got in there sometimes and they'll hear like the metal beds being moved and scraped across the floor or something. Like, it's just freaky. And I've seen it. It looks freaky, but I've never gotten in there and I don't know that I really want to.

Speaker 1:33:07Yeah, probably fuck with you. You do military people. We always played jokes on each other. Uh, I have, I have,

Speaker 2:33:19which is out in mineral wells and the rest of everything else that's supposed to be scary out there, I guess. I don't know.

Speaker 1:33:25I don't really understand why that's so. I don't know. But then like I keep thinking of all these different instances that had now. And it's like I keep pulling one after another out. I know more. Um, I, I went out one time to a place, I don't remember where I was. I was in Dallas somewhere, maybe didn't I? That's a, that's. I know it's a big stretch of land. But there was this place that I was supposed to go for phone install and the, the location didn't make any sense to my maps and so it was like a strip mall, like the, it had a suite number and everything, like, you know, it's like one 90, you know, and I'll say I was looking for and I couldn't find it saved my life and then I see this mall or this opening of evolve that goes down stairs. And I was like, that's weird. So I go into it and his whole entire places like, abandoned looking to like, it's weird but, but it's not abandoned. Everything's full, bleached white. Everything's all very clean. It's just dead. Like there's no one around. And I'm like, in this place. Have you been there?

Speaker 2:34:37I think I know you're talking about. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's a mall. It's a ball. When I went there one time with some friends to go see a movie, the movie theater opened inside the mall, but everything else is just shut down and like, like it's weird because like it's underground. This one, this one wasn't underground. Okay. This one wasn't underground, but everything else it was shut down like you would walk down like the mall part, like I guess the hallways if you want to call them, and they were like tables and chairs in the middle and they were just kind of scattered like some of those chairs were scattered places. It wasn't like done up. It was like everybody just got up and left and like the stores are all barred up and like sometimes they're empty, some are, I don't know if some still have stuff in them and they just closed like the whole mall is just closed down and the only thing that was open was the movie here. I can't remember the name of them mall, but that was kind of weird. It was.

Speaker 1:35:35I remember. I remember sending you this. This place I was talking about. I remember giving you a, a walkthrough. I took it on my phone. I don't remember where I put my video on that one, God it, but I walked through and it's hallways, giant hallways going out on the sides. Like I'm trying to put a picture of it. It looks like a strip mall, right where there's storefronts and in the storefronts is just like, it looks like construction, like you know, where you can see the beams, there's nothing in the concrete floors and you're just, I'm walking through here and then everything was bleached white around me and I keep walking through. I don't see a soul and a, then they have, uh, these hallways we just wrapped around the place. So like they would just be these white hallways that go all the way down and then, you know, and then they turned off and then they go around and they come back and they make a circle around it.

Speaker 1:36:27And I get lost in this place because it's an underground, it's underground and my phone dies on me. And so like I don't have any cellular service or anything with the lights on inside is bleach white. Like it was all like, yeah, everything was perfectly lit up. No humans insight. None. Not even a, like a giggle or laugh or anything like that. And so I, I started spinning around in this place and then they have these giant doors like these, uh, steel doors, you know, like a, but then they looked rusty, like the doors looked all rusty and like, you know, where you couldn't open them and stuff like that. So I'm little running around and I'm starting to freak out because I'm getting lost in this place is huge. It's huge. And then, uh, I find a place where I'm supposed to be. And then this weird dude devices you are supposed to do an install was, it was then decided this place, um, but it was like at the very end of this place is like, you know, like, right where it will come back up the surface, you know, um, and it was just a, he was a dj and he had his own vinyl place.

Speaker 1:37:34Like he sold vinyl records and stuff and he was just like, it was a really shitty, you look at business to be honest. Um, but I, I got done with that one and I was just like, I don't really understand this place. So I kept walking around as you talked to a guy about it. I did. I was like, Hey, this is kind of Kinda weird. He's like, yeah, no, I just, I rent this space out pretty cheaply and all that kind of stuff. And he didn't. He was very vague, you know, funding to get any customers. I don't know, that's the thing. He makes his own music. He was a producer so it was kinda like, you know, they have vinyl on the side over there, you know, it was like a legitimate business. I don't know what he was doing else that you, one of those entrepreneurial guys that just had a uh, he wanted a phone installed the.

Speaker 1:38:15Yeah. And he had a phone installed like three phones. Weird. But I was out there and there's something weird in. I don't know if it's in there where I was or there's something weird that I heard about from other people where there's like an underground cafe type thing. My brother has been to it because I saw him take a video of it. They have it where like, you can go to like a bathroom of, of a coffee shop, right? You go into the stall and then there'll be a door on the outside. They use go through a door and it's just goes underground, right? Yeah. And then like my, my brother has been there. I got to ask him where exactly he was over there or Jonah. Jonah. Yeah. And so like, it's just like an underground place where, you know, uh, I don't know what goes on under the there, but like it's normal businesses and somewhere in the dfw area where they go just underground, you know, and uh, then the underground that has their own little strip mall of some sort and like I remember this and that was a, it was a weird thing that, uh, to run into and like, you just get a weird eerie feeling like, because there's just no one around you.

Speaker 1:39:25We're just like. And then you start getting lost or you know, when no one's around, you're like, oh my God, you know, I was over there freaking out because you know how I get lost. I'm horrible with directions like you know, I am a, I am a woman in, in the, in the sense of uh, losing my direction all the time. I don't know where I am ever. And thank God for gps and for Sabio one last motherfucker. Okay. Like if my wife think God is really good at directions, I think that's where the evening out kinda comes there. But it's kind of funny. But you know, you and I went somewhere. I was always the navigation. Yeah. No I'm lost. How I think of it though, like I think of it like the Sherlock Holmes. Oops. And I am. I'm like, uh, I think of it like the Sherlock Holmes book where he's like a watson talks is sherlock.

Speaker 1:40:10And he was like, don't you know that the earth spins around the sun and he was like, Watson, I don't care if their spins around the sun over here. I only have so much space up in my attic and I fill it with stuff that I don't really, you know, facts that don't really won't use ever. Then I can, I can fill it with other stuff. You know, so he's like, so what use is it if I know that there's the spinning around the sun, he's like none. So I'm like, but we as humans can fit an infinite amount of knowledge into our brains. Well, I mean that, but like, I mean you only have so many brain cells, you know, and if you want to remember stuff a lot easier than filling it full of shit all the time, it's not going to be faster. Yeah. So like you know that that's a. So I take that in a sense where I don't remember all my directions over here because if I, if I did, then I would, wouldn't have as much brain space to, to have other things over there. So there you go. Interesting. New Technology for it. It's my excuse just wanting to be stupid. Right?

Speaker 1:41:15But yeah, no, I've had the, those, those weird instances. And then, uh, I, when I first got this camera over here, I took it out for a test drive a, when I bought it from Lillian over here, I went out to, uh, I took my dad and I. Yeah, I wouldn't it. And it stayed asylum seeking asylum. Yeah, I took pictures of it. The weird part about this insane asylum didn't make any sense and so I can piece it together for you a little bit better because I talked to local people now, uh, during my installs and I was like, Hey, what do we know about the insane asylum? But, uh, so what happened was I went out there, we drove out there and uh, this place has a where you can actually go in. They have guards all the way around the place. And so we were like, what in the world?

Speaker 1:42:07Uh, you know, there's like guard post and this place is supposed to be abandoned, you know, and uh, there's no one in the guard posts and the thing that lifts up for you to drive your car through which is open. And it was just open where we could just go through. So we just went through and we were going over there, we're looking at will be abandoned buildings and these were like I'm talking to, they're kind of weird, weirder buildings because they were the kind of buildings that were built by the uh, what are those people called? Masons. Freemasons. And so they like to make their Mark Hughes all look nice and stuff like that, you know, with all the different infrastructure. The whole building was all ran down. But then they had conduit, they had brand new conduit and all the lights and the whole entire building still on, you couldn't get in, but it had all the light lights and fixtures and stuff all turned on.

Speaker 1:42:57The whole entire place had like a new cooler silo where they could go in there. They had like, it was a weird place and we got like a weird feeling. And then me and my dad started seeing people around in lab coats walking around. We're like, what the world, you know, white lab coats walking around. And we're like, what in the world abandoned around this abandoned insane asylum. Apparently the, the campus still had a section over there at the bay, they still have a where they have like a, not an asylum but like a mental health place, you know, and then they have their own little movie theater and there and all this kind of weird stuff and it was weird, but the weirdest part was this insane asylum is right off the edge of their own graveyard.

Speaker 1:43:46So they have their own graveyard. So if they ever like I guess accidentally lists their patients died in this endless cycle. They've just go and burying them over there. But then the, the weirdest part was they, they, they locked off the graveyard so you couldn't go to it. And then they put a sign on there saying that this was a park instead of a graveyard. It was like, like Wesley Park or something like that. And we're looking at it like what in the world. But then we started, yeah, we started seeing security kind of cars working around and we didn't want to get in trouble because we got the hell out of there. So I took a whole bunch of pictures with this camera that we have over here of the weird abandoned building. You remember, it was all bossy and crazy. Look. Yeah, it was, it was pretty cool.

Speaker 1:44:28It was a cool little find over there, but I still don't really understand what happened. And then I talked to a firefighter, um, and I was talking to him and he was talking about that building and I was like, Hey, I know that building. He was like, Oh yeah, they, they've put new conduit and stuff in there so we could, uh, so we can uh, run our tests over there. So they, they do a drills through with that building of like doing different things of like a, you know, saving people inside of the building and like I guess they take a couple of things. So that's why they ryan the all new conduit and everything and that's why they haven't still lit up and everything over there. So it was just, it was really weird. It was a weird eerie feeling over there where it's just like, wow, this is, you got to find those little gems, you know, it just kind of wonder at on that at times, you know, from time to time.

Speaker 1:45:19But it's just as fun, you know? Yeah. But I like it. I like it when it's pitch black outside, like I want to see some good stars and stuff like that. But uh, I was hoping we were able to do that in mineral wells. We just got to do that at different times. You get you back out there and kidnap you once again for that one. So yeah. But uh, those are my erie times or moments where I was Kinda like iffy about certain situations over there. Shit, I've got more uh, uh, I had the. Yeah, I had installed at a funeral before. I remember you telling me about some of these. Most funeral homes are just strange, like I don't believe in all that Shit, you know, I don't get the weird like, you know, oh ghosts and stuff like that. It's just like, that's all full of Shit, you know, I don't, I don't believe it, but it was weird when I went to a funeral home and there's one time where I had to move this person out of the way so then I could run a cable and they like, yeah, just move on.

Speaker 1:46:33I was like, ah, okay. At that has they have a wheeling things where you can, will people around. But now I remember wheeling this guy over and yeah, it was weird, but he looked just like me, if I was like maybe 60, like, you know, like the haircut and then the facial structure of it too. I was just like. And then staring at this was really weird. Like there's my death right there, you know, and like it was, it was weird. It was a weird moment where just imagine if you saw someone that looked just like you in older age, dead, sitting there ready to be, uh, you know, uh, worked on over there to get up. So then they could set them up in a casket, you know, like it was just a weird feeling. I don't really like, I didn't like that one at all.

Speaker 1:47:26That was a feeling that I got and I was just like, Ugh, you know, I'll, even though it's not a, it's not a fear, it's not a, it's just like a. just discussed I guess of sorts where it's like, oh no, I don't know. I'm always curious that everyone's kind of weirdness that's in this world, you know, the question. I like the question everything. And I questioned that too. And so let me know of Bethel. Maybe kind of weird, weird situation you might have had over there to where you might have had some kind of situation and let us know, but let me know about those kinds of situations that, uh, I'll always like to hear all of them. I mean there's all of the whole, their Internet's full level, but like, you know, they have these people like I don't get how someone can have a discovery channel or like, you know, like finding bigfoot.

Speaker 1:48:19They've never found them, but they just have a whole series they dump all his money into trying to find him for like ghost hunters, you know? And they get all these like infrared stuff, like did you see that little puff of smoke, you know, and you're like, come on guys, come on. You know, it's like if you're patient for anything. And then the funny thing is like I'm never going to watch those things and if they ever do find anything weird is going to be like on the news and so I'm going to read about it, you know. So I'm like, yeah, go do your thing over there, you know, go have your bigfoot sightings and stuff like that. It does seem to be a very white person thing to do though. Have you noticed that? Like, you know, like it's a very white rednecks and stuff like doing white, white redneck people because black people are like, oh hell no, they ain't going to be.

Speaker 1:49:05Yeah. They're like, you like all fuck, no I ain't even. They ain't hurting me and hurting them now. You know, it's not like. Yeah. So it was just, it's funny or like Mexican people, you don't see them doing stuff like that either all the time. It's a very, very white thing to do, to go searching for crazy crap if you think about all the lore and stuff like that. They all came from Irish English, like, you know, the Chinese had weird stuff here and there, like about demons and stuff, but there's stuff didn't make as much sense as like vampires and werewolves and like all these stuff that we created over there was all really, really white people doing it, you know, it's just funny. It cracked me up on that kind of thing. But uh, I guess wrap us up for this, uh, this episode over here.

Speaker 1:49:54Thank you for joining me for this episode. If you liked this episode, just give us a life over here. You can also check us out on spotify. I'm on the Google play. I'm also on itunes. Over here. We're actually getting quite a bit of a people watching us on itunes over here. So you're getting a nice little following. So that's why I wanted to kind of update it and keep it going over here for us. So we'll keep this up over here and be sure to join us over here on a Friday over here and then we'll get another session over here. But they also very much have a good rest of your day.

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